Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When I went outside this morning I was hoping to catch sight of the hummingbirds. I looked out and saw him on the shrimp plants so I grabbed my camera and sat and waited. I think I need to play with the settings to get a better picture. I was just excited to be sitting there when he came to feed.

Copper Shawl

I made this Copper Shawl in just a few days. It is very easy I just did a half double crochet all the way across and then put a shell border around it.
I used a size N needle because the yarn is chenille and it makes it soft and squishy if you use a large needle.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Multi color afghan

This is another afghan I made for the seniors.
It is all half double crochet stitches.

Candy wrapper purse

This is the purse I made for my Mom.
I've become addicted to saving the potato chip bags and candy wrappers and any other plastic bag that would work.
Maybe I will make some for Christmas gifts.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just finished this purple afghan for the seniors.
Half are granny squares and half are double crochet squares, with a shell border around the whole blanket. It looks like I used different kinds of thread but they are all the same. I think some of the skeins were tighter wound than the others.
In response to the comment from vettech. Thank you.
Its just the basic granny square. With 6 double stitches in the corners and 3 double stitches in the other spaces.
Chain 5 and join with a slip stitch in first stitch.Row 1: Chain 3(counts as a dbl st) 2 dbl st ch 2 3 dbl st ch 2 3 more times.Row 2: Slip stitch in next 2 dbl st and in next ch 2 sp, ch 3 2 dbl st ch 2 3 dbl st in ch2 sp. ch 2( 3 dbl st ch 2 3 dbl st ch 2 in each ch 2 sp around). Join with a slip stitch.Row 3: Slip stitch in next 2 dbl st and in ch 2 sp. Ch 3 2 dbl st ch 2 3 dbl st in corners space *ch 2 3 dbl st in next ch 2 sp. 3 dbl st ch 2 3 dbl st in corner* Repeat from *to* around.Just keep repeating pattern until you get to the size you want.This is the first time I have written the instructions for someone. I hope it is not too confusing. This pattern can be found just about anywhere.


This is the closest to the house that I've seen the hawks that live in my area. We have about 4 living very near my house. I know one lives in a tree across the street because I see it fly into the same tree almost every afternoon. With the hawks and the cats we very rarely see any snakes. They can stay as long as they like.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


These are the new shawls I made for the seniors.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dilly the Armadillo

We have a new friend.
I call him Dilly. He just kept rooting around looking for bugs and ignored me completely.
Don't you just love those little ears?

Baby afghan

This is the baby blanket I made for my friend Mary's grandbaby.