Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kitchen remodel days 18 & 19

This light was actually installed the day the granite was installed but I forgot to post it.

The island light we installed on Day 18. This is not a very good picture. I will try to get a better one later.

Day 19

Today Edwin installed the rest of the flooring, I had started it last week. I couldn't help much but to tell him he was cutting it wrong. That's my job these days, I hurt my shoulder so I have to take it easy for a while. Tough for me to do, I like to be in the thick of it.

It is so nice to walk on my finished floor instead of cement board.
This tile is really easy to put down, we got it at Home Depot. It's 36" x 5" wide planks. Really looks like wood.


  1. Love it. I've been wanting to do away with all the carpeting in my house and put in floors like that.

  2. I like the contrast the floor has with the cabinets. It also compliments the darker colors of the wood in the cabinetry. Very nice choice.