Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Remodel Days 10 thru 13

I thought I would fill ya'll in on what's going on with the remodel. Days 10 & 11 we finally got the ceiling and walls floated out and painted. I wanted to paint the walls an orange color that is on a clock I bought a few months ago. The color is called Maple Leaf by Behr. A really bold choice for me. I tend to lean toward lighter more subdued colors. I bought the paint and went for it. I agonized for a week whether I liked it or not, then my dear husband said lets put one of the cabinets next to it and see if we like it. Lo and behold it looks great! The cabinets seem to bring out more of the browns in the paint color. Amazing!
Looks like Home Depot orange doesn't it?

This last weekend  we started put up the cabinets.
It took us four hours just to get these in place. I won't bore you with the details.
After getting this monster together and standing we put the wall cabinets on the wall.
Beautiful aren't they?
Keep in mind the ceiling and the floor and the walls are not level or plumb. Leveling these cabinets was very hard and time consuming.

The island is not screwed together, but we had to see what it will look like. The new fridge will be here next month.
More next weekend.


  1. It looks great. I love the paint color too. It looks much different in the first picture than it does in the rest of them but it's fabulous with the cabinets

  2. Ann
    Thanks, I was really worried about the color, but having lived with it for over a week I really love it.