Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ying and Yang Kitties

Ying and Yang Kitties

My kitties could not be more opposite. (Unless one was female.)

 The dark one, Rocket loves to be outside, killing squirrels, birds and lizards.

The orange one, Frisky loves to be inside curled up at your feet, purring his heart out and would run and hide if a lizard jumped out at him.

Rocket is very vocal and Frisky rarely has anything to say.

Rocket loves my husband and Frisky loves everybody.

Rocket thinks you have to put fresh food in his bowl every time he walks in the door and Frisky will eat whatever is in the bowl.

Rocket is the mighty hunter but will run like a scared cat (ha ha) if you wad up a plastic bag any where in his vicinity.
Frisky will not hunt anything, he's a lover not a fighter, and plastic mashtic.

So there's my kitty babies in a nut shell.

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