Monday, February 22, 2010

Kitchen remodel days 6&7

Day 6 we put the first layer of mud over the tape and screws and in the corners. It doesn't look like a lot of work but the arms and shoulders really start to ache doing this part.  As you can see from the pictures it takes a while for the mud to dry. We put plastic up on the doorway to keep the dust out of the rest of the house.

Day 7  One wall still had the original sheetrock and texture on it and since we would never be able to make it match and we didn't like the way it was textured anyway we sanded it and put more mud on it to make it flat. I tried to take a picture but it is not cooperating with me. You can't really tell what I am talking about. Maybe after it's painted. We are doing the same thing to the ceiling.

We removed the rest of the peel and stick tiles, some of them came up easy and some of them put up a fight.
Then my husband screwed the sub floor down to the floor joints because after 40 years some of the nails have started backing out and some have rusted. This makes the floor feel more solid when you walk on it.

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