Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kitchen remodel

This weekend we ordered the cabinets for my new kitchen. We have a lot of work ahead of us. I have been dreaming about this for five years and can hardly believe it is actually going to happen! We ordered beautiful new hickory cabinets. I have so many decisions to make. What kind of sink, lighting, faucet, paint...
This is possibly the biggest, most expensive remodel we have ever done. But it will be worth it.
This is what I have.


excuse the mess
It's not much, but its mine!
I will be posting pictures along our remodel journey. So keep looking in on us while we work our fingers to the bone. I think I already need a back massage just thinking about all the hard work we have waiting for us.


  1. Oh how exciting. I remember when ours got done, seems like ages ago. I would love to do it over again :) Have fun.

    Loved the bathroom remodel you did

  2. Ann
    Thanks I can't wait to get started. The cabinets should be here the first of March. YEA!