Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kitchen remodel

We started on our kitchen remodel on Sunday. We got quite a bit done tho it doesn't really look like it. Both half walls came down and we rebuilt the beam that spans the opening to the dining room. We also took down our pantry but I didn't get a picture of that. We are trying to take everything apart without being too destructive. You never know when you will need that 6" long 2x4.
I don't know when or where we will use some of the wood that is coming out of this remodel but the beam we built is from recovered wood from the porch we took down 5 years ago.




Later this week we will start taking down cabinets and sheetrock and whatever tickles our fancy. Then we will be eating a lot of microwave dinners!  I am really dreading not being able to create feasts for my honey. I will just have to get creative with the microwave and toaster oven. 


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  1. looks like fun but a lot of work. I sense a LOT of dust...lol